Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I just wanted to update our blog on whats being going on since I am a horrible blogger these days!
First things first - We are moving! Terry got a great job offer in Springerville, AZ working for TEP  - he will be an electrician for them. These couldn't have come at a better time since Titan is really needing some speech therapy and I hear they have a great program up there. My boys can go to the same school K-12 and that is very important to me! We move up on the 27th and will rent for a year and go from there. Terry is very excited about the cooler weather and being close to fishing, woods and hunting..I am excited to have a master bedroom/bathroom! Snow - not so much. We have rented a cute little 3 bedroom/2.5 bath and get this - it has a laundry room! the little things you miss when living in Morenci housing. The house has a huge fenced in back yard that I plan on taking advantage of. It is all fenced in and not way for my little boys to get out. We look forward to this new chapter in our lives and will miss out friends in Morenic so much. Now all we need to do is get my parents to move up..hint hint!

Titan boy had a birthday in June. He turned 4 and loved every minute of his Superhero themed party. Both sets of grandparents came down/up for it and we even had Uncle Bryce join us. It was a full house. Titan is so lucky to have so many friends that came for his birthday and he was spoiled! He is set for life in the superhero department. If you ask him what his name is he will say Titan Mason Lee Captain America!

Just some funny things that Titan has said that last couple of weeks

- Going to in the bathroom to make sure he washed his hands after going to the restroom
Mom - Titan that's a good poop
Titan - No Mom that a superhero poop

- Rushing into the bathroom and whipping open the shower currant
T - Mom my bum is talking to me
M - what is it saying?
T - (in a high pitched voice ) I have to go poop, I have to go Poop!

- I lost my underwear on Azurite (the street with live on)

- while at bashes yesterday he was being a punk so I asked him if he wanted to go live with the cashier and he told me NO! I want to go live with Grandma because she loves me!

- Mom who gave you that diamond ring? Dad did, oh he found it in the ground and you married him in the church.

- Mom your a princess and Dads your prince

He is so funny and so full of energy that sometimes it can be a bit much and he has to go have quiet time in his room. He is getting better at sharing with Ira, there are still some toys that Ira can never touch but we are working on it. We sure love out Titan Boy.

Ira - he is 20 months now and loves to be outside. He would be out there all day if I would let him. He still takes naps and sometimes he will even take 2 a day! He is getting so much better about sleeping through that night which is great. He loves to say no no no while pointing and shacking his finger at you. He loves our dog Jack. He is a Daddys boy all around if Terry is in the room there is no one else around. He loves his daddy and loves to cuddle him. He is getting so big and thinks he can do whatever Titan can do. He was old enough to join nursery in May and hasn't had a problem being dropped off once, thank goodness.

We hope that you all our doing well!

I asked Titan to hold on to Ira to take a picture, this is what I got!

Cowboy day at school 4/2012

Enjoying a nutella sandwhich

Ira Lamar Lee

Ready for Church


Titan and his friend Abby and the movies

Nothing better then Watermelon and Looney Tunes
20 months

One of the few times Titan has taken a nap in the past year.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'm Back!

Sorry for my absents! I love reading other blogs and I guess I forget my own. Anyway here is a little catch up, plus I added pictures to Ira's birth story. I still need to blog about Titan's 3rd birthday and his trip to Toy Story 3 on ice with Papa and Grandma but until I get those pictures this is what you get:)

p.s I have gone back and forth as to keeping the blog private or public.. Thoughts please!

Halloween 2011

Titan choose to be Batman this year! He has been getting into all the super hero's a lot lately and I think its pretty darn cute to see him and his imagination go! He likes to pick out Super Hero's for everyone the other day Terry was Iceman and I was Firestar - Iceman, and Firestar are Spiderman's sidekicks - so were are not as cool as Spiderman but at least we made the list. He likes to tell us that "my Papa is Iron man" It must be pretty cool to have your Grandson call you Iron Man.. I sure love my Titan Boy.

Zoo - April 2011

A couple months later in April, My Dad's Softball team were at the State play offs. They did really great but sadly lost by 1 run at the end. But to Cheer Papa up we took him to the Zoo! Titan loves to have his Papa around and so we figure this was the perfect place (actually I'm sure that my Dad would have rather some place else but he was a good sport! Good job Coach!)

We had to ride the carousal 3 different times, we would have gone more but it was hot and we were ready to get home.

Zoo February 2011

The same weekend as our Valentines Day getaway - my parents kept our boys for us, the last day of our trip we had my parents bring the boys up and we took them to the Tucson Zoo. Titan loved seeing all the animals and kept saying "Papa! Look at the that" I love to see my Dad and Titan interact with each other. We had alot of fun, and the weather wasn't to bad for being February.

Valentines 2011

This year Terry took me to Tucson to spend a couple days KID free, our good friend the Hughes' joined us and we had lots of fun! We ate a couple good places and went to the Gaslight Theatre. It was a ton of fun to just be with Terry for a couple days. I sure love that man.

Ira's Blessing Day February 6, 2011

Terry gave Ira a name and a blessing on February 6, 2011. Let me tell you what! I am so thankful for a worthy husband who can give myself and my children special blessing's from our Heavenly Father. Terry did an amazing job and we had tons of family and friends to join us on this special day. Sadly I didn't get any pictures that day, so the pictures below are a couple weeks later.. but WE all are still wearing the same outfit.. And below you can see how hard it is to get a decent pictures. Huge thankful to all who came to support us on this great day.

Family Pictures May 2011

We had the Amazing Amber Halversen take our Family Pictures in May. After many changing of times/days and windy weather we finally were able to make it happen. My boys are young and not the best at sitting still but Amber did amazing and her hubby Josh was there to make our boys laugh and hold them so I could get some pictures with my good looking man. Thanks again Amber we love them! To check out Amber's website click here!

Titan Mason Lee

3 weeks away from being 3!

Ira Lamar Lee

6 months